The Digital Marketing Audit

With >80% of businesses looking for suppliers online, it’s imperative that your online presence and digital marketing campaigns drive your business growth aims. Use this tool to score your current position and help set priorities for developing your businesses strategy.

Take Questionnaire Results Table

Strategic Marketing

1. Do you understand your market, the market need, what an ideal customer looks like and your value to them?

2. Have you broken down your target market into distinct customer segments based on differences in need, buying process and motivators? Have you prioritized them?

3. Have you developed unique value propositions and marketing positioning statements for each of your priority target segments?

4. Have you developed a separate marketing activity plan (marketing mix) for your target segments?

Digital Strategy

1. Do you know what you want your website to achieve for your business and what your individual target market segments are?

2. Have you defined which digital marketing activities are essential for each target segment and how you will execute them?

3. Do you know which geographies you are targeting, which marketing tools can support your campaigns and what things to consider when targeting outside the UK (domains)?

4. Have you got a clear set of targets for traffic and conversions across all you target market segments & track progress regularly?

Asset Ownership

1. Is your company name/domain name fit for the purpose of your digital plan? (protectable, appropriate for your market and not too crowded on a google search)

2. Are you the registrar of your domain name? (check at whois.domaintools.com) . Have you registered your brand on all social media platforms & Google My Business?

3. Do you have some form of control on your server such that you could move the provision rapidly in case of emergency?

4. Do you understand the difference between an open CMS, a proprietary one and the benefit trade offs of each? Can you make key changes to content without paying an agency?

Keyword Research

1. Have you checked out which keywords or phrases are currently pulling traffic to your site? Do you use Google Search Console for this?

2. Have you researched your highest 20 potential keywords/phrases using Google keyword planner?

3. Do you know your best performing keyword or phrase? Do you understand the position of your on line competitors?

4. Have you tried targeting ad campaigns at new keywords with highly optimised landing pages?

On Line Branding and Reputation

1. Do you rank number one for your company and/or core brand names on the Brand Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on mobile and desk top?

2. Do your correct company details appear on the right hand side of the brand SERP and are your social media accounts listed (incl Google +)?

3. Do you dominate more than 50% of the brand SERP and are you (or considering) using AdWords to strengthen this dominance?

4. Do you have any verified reviews on the brand SERP?

On Site Optimisation

1. Is your site a secure HTTP site (HTTPS)?

2. Does your H1 header contain one of your keywords and do you have an image on each page with a key word contained in the alt text (image label)?

3. Do you have unique content on every page and when constructing internal or external links do you use key/generic words as your anchor text?

4. Do you consider content and customer experience to be as valuable as on site SEO?

Proficiency in Tools

1. Do you have a verified Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools (now called Google Search Console) account?

2. Do you actively use Analytics to check the volume of traffic coming to your site each month and Google Search Console for optimisation?

3. Do you routinely analyse the sources of traffic and your bounce rates across your pages and proactively try to improve?

4. Do you use other marketing tools (free or paid) and are happy to get stuck in trying them - for example Mailchimp for email marketing & Hootsuite for Social Media management?

Visitor Experience

1. Does your website comply with laws associated with privacy and electronics communications regulations?

2. Is your website responsive - optimal for both desk top and mobile devices? (mobile is calculated to represent 50% of internet traffic today)

3. Does every page of your site have a clear goal and call to action, have you formulated the ideal flow through the site and do you get in customers shoes and check it all works?

4. Do you monitor your bounce & drop rates and do you proactively optimise pages & flows for maximum customer stickiness and CTA conversion?

Content Quality

1. Do you have a mixture of media content on the site (words, images & video)?

2. Do you create new content regularly?

3. Do you believe the content is enriching enough to be shared?

4. Have you provided capability for content sharing by your website visitors?

Social Media Marketing

1. Do you know what social media platforms reach your potential customers, how to exploit and what outcome you are looking for from campaigns?

2. For your priority platforms does the content reflect your brand and do you run communication campaigns with clear calls to action?

3. Do you use marketing tools (e.g. Hootsuite) to semi-automate the generation of content and scheduling across the platforms?

4. Have you analysed the return on your efforts, understand how to optimise content and timing and automate for greatest return on your time investment?

Paid Marketing - Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)

1. Do you understand how social media advertising works?

2. Have you analysed which social media platforms offer the greatest potential as a lead generator via paid advertising?

3. Do you feel comfortable setting up a paid social media advertising campaign which is targeted to your priority target segments?

4. Have you thought about performance goals and do you know how to analyse return on the advertising investment?

Paid Marketing - Search (Google AdWords)

1. Are you comfortable setting up an AdWords campaign, understand the key decision terms (exact match v broad match) & and can target by geography?

2. Have you completed a thorough keyword research, know which words and phrases you wish to sponsor and understand what a quality score is?

3. Do you consider the content on the landing page to be specific enough with a clear call to action? Do you know how to create a customised landing page for an AdWords campaign?

4. Do you monitor and continuously optimise the performance of your AdWords campaigns by paying attention to quality scores (>7/10 is ideal) and bounce rates?

Email Marketing

1. Do you continuously focus on collecting contact information from which to build a customer database for marketing purposes?

2. Do you proactively manage & label your customer database to enable more efficient campaigns by targeting the right customer groups with the right marketing message?

3. Does your website, finance system &/or customer database link to an email system (such as Mail Chimp) such as to enable automatic triggered emails (e.g. order confirmation email)?

4. Do you plan a timetable of campaigns with an identified business goal and a clear call to action within it?

Affiliate Marketing

1. Are you familiar with affiliate marketing and when it might have of use in your business?

2. Do you know how to find complementary affiliate marketers who extend your reach in your market space?

3. Could you identify what support tools could help them be effective for you?

4. Do you measure the performance to ensure the strategy continuously drives additional business revenues rather than cannibalising existing revenue thus eroding profit?


1. Do you understand the different remarketing options available and which has the greatest potential (social media, AdWords & basket drops)?

2. Do you know how to create an advert for remarketing using Google AdWords?

3. Is your website cookie creation system sophisticated enough to segment visitor information?

4. Are you analysing the data generated from remarketing to check the return and optimise future campaigns?

Off Site Optimisation / Link Building

1. Do you use Google Search Console to check how many back links your website has and could you identify a quality link versus a bad link?

2. Do you ensure keyword based anchor text is used on all links?

3. Do you have a strategy for quality back link building that is based on great content, high quality newsworthy information and credible partnering?

4. Do you consider content and customer experience to be more valuable today than off site SEO?