Pioneer 10 Dartford

Thank you for your interest in Pioneer 10. Please complete the short questionnaire below. Our expert panel will assess all applications and create a shortlist who will be invited for a more detailed online assessment. We will then select the top ten who will be able to take part in an intensive growth programme of specialist coaching and support, and can pitch to receive long-term business coaching and office space.

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1. Business Details:

Tell us what your business physically sells (product, service, licence etc), and how is profit generated within the business? Describe your target market, ideal customer and what differentiates you from your competitors

2. Product Details

What is the market opportunity available to you and how does your product/products fit into it.

3. Revenue Model

How does your business make money? What price bracket are you in? Please provide specific selling prices and costs relating to the production if possible.

4. Target Market

Who are your selling to? Please detail the market you will be targeting and describe your ideal customer?

5. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

In 20 words or less what makes your offering special and different to what is already on offer.

6. Competitors

Who is your competition and how do you compete with them?

7. Performance Objectives

In the next five years what will be your… • Market position • Company size (growth of services offering, diversification, additional locations, etc) • Financial performance (revenue, business growth, expense reduction, margin targets etc)

8. Motivations

What was your personal motivation for starting the business

9. Biography

Summarise the experience and skills you have that have helped/ will help you be successful with this business

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