Scale-up Stars of the Future

Thank you for your interest in our 30th Anniversary Business Award. Please complete the form below. The judging panel will use their business experience and skills to assess the entries and to select between 8 and 12 finalists who will be invited to submit a business plan.

The judges will be looking for ambitious businesses that:

-  Have a scalable business model
-  Are committed to doubling the size of their business within three years
-  Demonstrate innovation in their product, service or delivery model
-  Will benefit from the support on offer from Oxford Innovation

Entry Deadline: 14th August 2017





1) Is your business registered in the UK?

Please answer yes or no

2) How many employees does your business currently employ?

Please give a numerical value

3) What was your businesses annual turnover in your last financial year?

Please provide your answer in £s

4) Are you part of a larger parent company?

If yes please provide details

5) Summarise what your business does and how you plan to double the size of your business within 3 years.

Explain your innovation and why you think that you would benefit from the support offered by Oxford Innovation. (maximum of 250 words)

6) Upload a 3 minute video pitch

Your video should demonstrate: 1) Your business has a scalable business model. 2) Your business is committed to doubling the size within three years. This may include; market access, revenue, added value or number of employees. 3) Innovation in the product, service or delivery model. 4) How your business can benefit from the support on offer from Oxford Innovation. The video may include a prototype or example of the product, a product demonstration, a mobile application at work, etc.

Maximum file size is 2GB

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